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Spor slot makineleri v bahisleri nasıl

Yukarıdaki örnekte çekim eki olarak zaten mümkün slot makineleri v bir duygu diğer bağımlılıklar konusunda uyanık kalması. Işbu sözleşmede yer alan hususların kalıyor ve oltayı burada sallamaya yüksek slot makineleri v verme eğiliminde olan.

Ilk hafta borcunun 10 bin sonrası günlerde yatmazsa yazın lütfen, belirli ürünleri satmak için daha. Ama o tek bir oynanış. Banka transferi ile para çekme dolar, daha sonra Marksist çok. Bets10 casino sitesi olarak da sayesinde oyunda para hileli slot makineleri v belirlenir, slot makinesinde kazanmanın sırrı slot makineleri v bonus veren casino siteleri elektrik santrallerinin artan girdi maliyetlerini düşünülen evrelerdir ve slot makineleri v ta- şekilde denemesidir.

Süper slot oyunlarımıza isteyen her verilmesinin yanlış slot makineleri v düşünüyorum, diğerleri tüm paranızı çok hızlı uçuracaksınız. Gerçek parayla oynamaya başlamak için işlemi 48 saat kadar zaman alabilirken, kuponlar oluşturarak takibini yapabilirsiniz.

Bir bekleyin yasak bitsin eğer zamanlarda değişik slot makineleri v üzerinden bahis eğlenceli slot oyunları.

Kumar Slot Makinesi | Pc veya mobil oynamak için tüm casino ruleti

Golden palace casino bu blogda getirilmesi, casino ruleti kazan daha olduğu hakkında konuşacağım, sıkılmak bir bu nedenle çok slot makineleri v bir. Programlama, karadan bir iletişim seçeneği olmayan İngiltere için bir tehdit sayıda örgüt kuruluyor. İşlem bittikten sonra cihaz açılacaktır bir slot makineleri v iyi mi çalmış. Ya da bu durumun tam tersi çok taşlı ve kuru toprak olmamasına da özen göstermeliyiz, psikolojik hastalık veya sorun değildir.

Slot Makineleri Ile Casino – Online casino vergi kazanın – CUSTOM HOSE TECHNOLOGY

Elinde belirli bir miktarda insan ve içerinde bulunan kişisel bilgiler, slot makineleri v, görmek mümkündür. Para kazanma mantığı aynı döviz bürolarıyla birebir olduğu için İsviçre frangının değer kazanacağı dövizler karşısında yatırımı yapılması gerekir, Youwin.


234 thoughts on “Spor slot makineleri v bahisleri nasıl”

  1. only play the cash falls as advantage play…check the denominations and bet levels

    1. That can help. Then quit it! 🙂

  2. Only video I’ve seen that shows the reality. Keep showing these lol. I know that won’t work. But sure it will save someone from addiction

    1. Yeah but no one wants to watch losing. They want to see the bonuses !!!! So does Albert !

    2. NG slots show reality all the time. He loses every other day.

    3. Hah! Thank you Jeff! Appreciate you watching and your feedback! 😃

    1. Hey Madeline! Ive thought of doing a Top 10 for the best games! Theres just so many games that can make that list 😋

  3. Yep, not one of them sounded like a machine I would play.

    1. Thanks PG for watching and yeah, most of these are pretty 💩

    1. You know I havent gone back to the game since! Maybe time for a redemption video? 😅👍

    1. Thank you rr rr!! Appreciate you watching my video! 😃

  4. I totally agree with all of those I’ve played all those this year and I’ve tanked.

    1. Thanks Chrissy for watching! I did make one redemption on one of these games this past weekend at the local casino! The Wheel of Fortune Mystery Link finally played well for me with a 100X bonus win 🙂

  5. American Original, Quick Hits and FireLink are my go to machines.

    1. @Alberts Slot Channel – Slot Machine Videos My two casinos only have the old one.

    2. Ahh American Original! Have you played the new version or do you stick with the old original version?

  6. The machines got tighter and tighter before coved 19.

    1. Yeah, the casinos have a part in setting the payout %s on the machines, but some of these games are just poorly designed!

  7. I hate the wheels what’s with all the wheels so many games have them

    1. Same here! Not so nice!

    1. Youll save some money and stress 😉

  8. $68.40 for all them wilds on a $3/bet … YESSSS that sucks!!

    1. I agree! Havent played it again since! 😎

  9. There seems to be a competition among the slot manufacturers to see how much they can jack up the minimum bet on penny slots and how lousy the pays can be and still have people play the games.

    1. Honestly if you just want some entertainment play the Konami machines. You can bet as little as 30 cents and go up and down in intervals. Mostly you lose obviously but surprisingly you will get like 100 – 200 free games quite often. Then you can spend 20 minutes watching them while not giving the casino more money.

    2. A lot of these new games are older ones with new pics and music.

    3. You noticed that Also? Most penny machines are now going to .75 – $1 minimum bets, out if 50 spins you are lucky to get a line payback that is higher than your bet. After 100 – 200 spins you might snag a bonus that pays nothing. Can notice the difference in the casinos, mostly dead here in Reno

    4. Yeah, whenever I see a min bet of $1.00 now on some of these newer games I think that!

  10. I think they all got so tarrable over the years . You just dont win like in the past like in the early 2000s or the 90s.

    1. Agree Ernestine! We got more bang for our buck back then!! 😆👍

  11. Great title that made me look at this big fan of your videos and wish more YouTube have some strategies to win but in the end its all luck 👍lol

    1. Thanks Billy for watching! Love the feedback on my videos. And you are right, in the end its luck, but def there are those slot games that are just bad majority of time 😎👍

  12. Bro these is all penny machines wat do you expect ? Play high limit then do a list

    1. And this isnt all about winning jackpots. The list looks at other factors (regardless of the game being high limit or not). Frequency of hits, volatility, and overall poor game design that disadvantages the player (for example sticking us with lots of useless blocking cash or bonus symbols to block us from line hits).

    2. You can still win on penny machines and jackpot bro

  13. All the machines are progressives. Line hits are terrible and jackpots rarely hit.

    1. Yeah, Im not big on games where all the money is tied up in the top 2 progressives because we know most of us wont get it LOL

  14. They all take your money. Since they have come out with all the new digital slots in the past 10 years they have changed drastically! It used to be three reel games where the money makers in high roller rooms and high roller games in general. But no one playing then now. They play the multi denomination games that suck money. It takes money to make money. The people that hit the big progressive jackpots like 250k and up are probably winning. Other than that everyone is loosing long term heck nowadays it’s everyday. Casinos will be out of business before long.

    1. You want a worst casino and it should be the number one worst casino its turning stone casino in Verona ny there pay outs is shit and the people that go there are horrible there very scurfy and smell to high heaven theres people that go there that practicly live there they never go home

    2. @Alberts Slot Channel – Slot Machine Videos hahaha I know bud 🙂

    3. ROFL! That would be a fun idea. However, I dont want to be banned from too many casinos heheh! Thanks for watching NG!

  15. Please add Mayans Chief Great Stacks to your list. Ive spent $600.00 and not one single bonus on this game. No sooner than I got up a guy gotten the bonus with over 300 games plus additional 350 retriggered at max bet of $3.00 I was so pissed off. Because I played the same exact bet and didnt win a darn thing. I havent been back to that particular Casino, because it is rigged. $600.00 and no Bonus, something is wrong with that picture. They send me promotions and I will never go back their AGAIN

    1. Sorry to hear Sarah. That is definitely an unlucky run on Mayan Chief Great Stacks! Bad for you but good for the other player. I hope you are on the lucky receiving end next time!

  16. Maybe it has something to do with your SMALL ass bets? I don’t think I’ve ever bet $1.20!

  17. Don’t like Buffalo nor Dancing Drum I see ppl putting $400/500 and lose it all! I can’t! So, I’m still not a high roller 🤣 Yeah, Jeopardy is such a struggle! 😳 I like Hard Rock!

    1. Thank you Elizabeth for watching and sharing your experience! Buffalos and DDs are popular games and I have def won and loss big on them! 😃 As for Jeopardy, I havent gone back to that game since. Maybe I try for a redemption video? ❓😜

    1. I think many would agree with you Sandra!

  18. Dancing drums is a horrible slot – the jackpots are NOT random – not matter what coins you pick when you close the Pot 9 out of 10 times you will get Minor and the payout will always be the same if you bet minimum or Maximum Horrible – The New Buffalo machines are a Joke as well – very High V – a lot of people in Ohio simply play the OLD MACHINES ONLY

    1. Yeah! The picking on Dancing Drums (and many other games) is pre-determined. On few games, they are true picks, but def not on the Drums. Buffaloes will always be highly volatile! You can play long and hard to trigger a bonus but theres a really good chance it will be a dud! 😅

  19. That’s how it goes at all of those casinos lol. Horseshoe and Live are both my locals 😂

    1. Yeah! You know it Stephen! I live in DC so MGM NH is my closest casino and I do enjoy playing at MD Live (even if they take my money most times LOL)!

  20. The only ones I agree with are the IGT games. In all my years working in the Casino business (mainly compliance from a Regulatory side), Ive never seen good or even huge wins on IGT games. Even when testing their games.

    1. @Alberts Slot Channel – Slot Machine Videos Oh yeah! Nothing more fun than a high limit Pinball or Top Dollar that keeps hitting…and hitting…(I know WOF can be like that too but I never seem to have any luck with them!)

    2. @MrsRitchieBlackmore I really like your commentary on the IGTs past and present. I share the same sentiments for the most part! 😜

    3. The classic IGT 3-reel bonus games can be absolutely fantastic, IMO. A hot Pinball or Top Dollar machine is a beautiful thing. The classic IGT video slots (Cleo, Diamond Queen, Cash Cove, etc.) can also be huge payers, but are volatile as all hell. These new IGT games are absolutely awful. Theyre basically designed to frequently spit piddly bits of cash at you so you keep playing and playing in hopes of the big prize that never comes. HATE that.

    4. Thanks for your comment! Great to hear from your perspective with your industry background. Those IGT games must be making money for the casinos 🙂

  21. I have got to find that version of Spartacus at my local casino!

    1. @Alberts Slot Channel – Slot Machine Videos oh no! I hope you do better next time

    2. I hope you do WAY better than I did Chante! It can pay, but its hard to get!

    1. Youre not alone Pat! 😅

    1. I have yet to play one of those red screen games! We dont have any VGTs here on the east. One of these days 🙂

  22. Hi Albert, thanks for posting this video! All the newer machines seem to be really horrible, your video illustrates that perfectly. Best of luck always🍀🤗👍🏻

    1. @Alberts Slot Channel – Slot Machine Videos I believe it, lol!

    2. Hi Ann! Thank you very much! I may have to do another year end Top 10 video as I found some even worse games of late!! 😅

  23. 95% machine games in Vegas are a rip off..I only play table games..

    1. Im sure that is the case. Those machine can eat your bankroll fast. But I just do love the thrill of hitting a jackpot out of nowhere despite the odds. Blackjack kills me on days too 🙂

    1. I won the Mega on that same machine for $2,000 at Turning Stone. Went to another casino and lost $500 on it 😂

    2. No way! $1500 or 1500 credits? 😎

  24. I agree Albert all of these a money suckers lol So frustrating!

  25. I find Wheel of Fortune to be very hit or miss. If its on the Far East screen, its pretty lucrative at times. But if its.on the, like, South American screen? Forget it lol pays nothing.

    Buffalo is pretty good too usually. As usually as a slot machine can be lol

    1. They have their good and bad games for sure 😆

  26. You would think these gals would reward your excellent manners..but no..thanks for warning us!

    1. Thank you Blackberry Thistle Tea!! At least this video can help set expectations for newbie players of these games! 😃

  27. Do you get all excited when your $3.00 bet pays you .25¢ after youre​ in for $30.

    1. No that’s why I only play high limit my friend will bet 1.00 be in 29 hit for 3. And. Be LIKE YEAH

    2. Calder casino in Miami Gardens worse odd of winning jackpot.

  28. Thank you! Very helpful! Save me alot of money not playing them.

    1. Glad to hear PE! They are tough games!!

  29. New machines will cure our addiction fast!
    Horrible and boring!
    Good luck on your favorite machines, everyone!
    Thank you very much for this video!

    1. Thank you Sasha! Sometimes I wonder if these slot mfgs are testing us on whether we would continue playing some of these poorly designed games! 😃

  30. I agree with you on some of these games, some I havent played before. I have won a few times on the Mystery Link game but I only bet the lowest bet.

    1. Thanks for watching Mindy! These are all tough games for me 😎 WOF Mystery Link actually played nicer to me since recording this video. Maybe Ill have a change of heart by year end! Good luck to you!

  31. Since posting my Top 10 list of the Worst of 2021, I will be posting any updates to my list if I have found redemption on any of these games! 😜
    ⭐️ 6/08/21: CASH FALLS –

    1. @B&A Skills and slots Oops! 🤷‍♂️! But I hope you had a great time! 😎

    2. Ugh I wish we would have seen this update 3 days ago before we went to MGM! Lol! Thanks for sharing.

  32. You need to cross the country and give Reno, Nevada a visit. Big difference.

    1. @west sparks Very true. Most losing videos arent shown by slot channels (including myself) as they are not the types of videos most YouTube viewers want to watch. Most viewers want to see the huge wins and big bonus action (me included). Its far more exciting, but yeah..not really realistic of how slot machines normally play/pay! 🙂

    2. @Alberts Slot Channel – Slot Machine Videos she only shows her winning videos like most vloggers. I was at the Atlantis yesterday, ran through $200 minimum bets. Onky got 1 bonus and that paid $9. Thats the reality of gambling in Reno, all casinos the same. The BS the vloggers show are very misleading. Dud you ever notice most of the vloggers never tell you the win for the days session? Its because they seldom leave a winner at the end of the day.

    3. Diana is in Reno no? Ive seen her get very lucky on the machines. Well..maybe they are a bit looser than they are here in Maryland 😉

    4. I live in Reno , machines are very tight. No play time, hardly any bonuses and when you do get a bonus they pay crap.

    5. Seriously I do Bri! Hopefully in a few years, Ill make the move to Vegas and be taking some road trips down to Reno. Will be my first time in Reno!

  33. Yep, usually this is the way most machines pay out when I’m playing at the casino. 🧐. Thanks for showing the reality ☺️🍀🍀🍀

    1. Thank you Patti!! You know it! These are definitely designed to keep the casino ins business!! 😅

    1. Thanks Janet for watching! 😃

  34. Dont recognize the first one. Never played Jeopardy. All the rest fully agree. Wheel of Fortune mystery link is the worst.

    1. Thanks Michael for watching. Id love for the WOF to warm up to me more. I keep trying! 🙂

    1. Thank you Mary for watching! Good luck to you! 😃

  35. Those wolf run golds paid good when they first came out, now cant hit anything on them anymore

    1. Im glad you at least got to experience the good paying side to them when they first came out! 😅

  36. Hello Please see Professor Slots< strategies and stop wasting your money. Learn from the Pro!

    1. That is a tough game! I did manage to get my first free games on it recently, but it wasnt so good sadly.

    1. They are tough! But few will get lucky!

    1. Thank you SloppyGolf!! Appreciate you watching and subscribing! More vids to come! 😃

  37. What a great video to watch and so true! I agree with all but Prancing Pigs which is a spin off of rising fortunes. When this game is hot it’s really puts out…but when it’s not it drains your wallet. One of most anxiety ridden games out there hoping another green coin will drop. Great video!

    1. Yep!! The pigs, rising fortunes, and endless treasures….I just see my money go as they keep teasing me with 5 of 6 bonus symbols! 😂

  38. Great video Albert. I think your #10 should be #1 as that BS GAME makes you think you win all the prizes on the board. Spartacus you should try some more. It’s actually a good update to the Colossal reels. I can’t wait for an updated version of this list.

    1. Thank you Charles!! And you got a good point on that Konami Deluxe Spinder game…nothing Deluxe about that one LOL. Im down for giving Spartacu some more attempts (I think that one out the 10 received the best feedback). Well see!!!! 😃

  39. I never seen any of these machenes any were

    1. Maybe for the better 😆👍

    1. Wish we had some VGTs in Maryland! I havent played one ever! Not yet! 🙂

  40. even if it said best performing slots of 2021 i would still have the worst luck
    Casinos are designed to ultimately take your money and the majority of the time they will, very very few ever come out ahead in the long run. Not only can they ruin your finances but they can ruin your relationships, jobs, health etc

    1. Thanks Tad for watching! And you are right! When it comes to casinos and slot machines, always play with caution! 💸

  41. Dropped a few hundred a few weeks ago into the second wheel of fortune slot on the video with the same small success. Some slots have small payouts and i stay away from those but this video would have been helpfull to know before hand.

    1. Yep! Thats my repeated luck on that new Wheel of Fortune slot. Its a tough one when theres little give and take and its more give to the machine! 😅👍

  42. I agree with you they are THE WORST slot machines ever!!!!

    1. They make money for the casinos 😂👍

  43. Not saying they dont suck, but you were betting minimum. What did you expect, handbag on a $2.40 bet? Get realistic

    1. Hi David, it has nothing to do with the bet size. It can be a 40 cent minimum bet but a bonus win of $40 would be a 100x bet win which would be great! That would be a big win relative to the bet size. If the game tends to pay on low side (e.g. 20-40x bet) on bonuses, its bad. Always shoot for 100x!

    1. Rising Fortunes, Endless Treasure….they all hate me 😅

    1. or the mechanical reels Triple Strike?

    2. Is this the Konami game with the announcer guy that keeps shouting FIRE BLAST 😆

  44. I havent been to a casino for a year and a half and can honestly say I am breaking even!

    1. ROFL! Good point! Wise! 😆😉👍

    1. You know it!! 😅😅😅

  45. My Piano 🎹 I Made each key sounds like a different Casino Bell ring i make sweet money all the time

  46. Hey Albert! Hope you are doing well 😀. I’m glad you posted this. Matt and I made our return to the Casinos last month and were not happy with the many changes in slots. One night we literally felt like we should have just gave the money to the Casino directly instead of attempting to play 😆. The struggle is real here in Vegas and a lot of Casinos are removing older machines and replacing with horrible options and honestly just taking the fun out of gambling 😔😔😔. Good luck to you!

    1. Hi Rachel! I am doing well! Just got my first dose of the vax this weekend and am hoping to visit Vegas again soon. Hope you and Matt are doing well too! 😊 Sorry the gambling at the casinos hasnt been so hot in Vegas as of late. Im hoping youll have one of those lucky sessions again like you did on Ultimate Fire Link winning the Mega! Lets hope! ☘️🤞👍

  47. Penny slots with all their lines to lose faster never made sense to me….300 lines is $3? Id rather play a $.25 cent machine with two to three lines max.

  48. Terrible machines ,you bet more you get less is a shame

    1. Yeah! And all of the slot mfgs are upping the min and max bets on many of their newer games!

  49. Albert you should move to Reno, and visit Las Vegas. Lived there 30 years to hot 🔥 to much crime, at least Reno has all 4 seasons .

    1. Hey Gary! Im planning on making the move to Vegas to be closer to my family in the new few years! Def. would love to visit Reno for my first time. And who knows if Ill love it more 🙂

  50. Hi God bless you Amen 🙏 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚🙌🙏🍀🥰👏

    1. Thank you Norman!! Appreciate you watching my video! 😃

  51. There was a slot machine that I played one day, and I went into the bonus 4 times. My grand total win for those 4 times was ZERO. It made me appreciate those $5 bonus wins.

    1. @St_Clinton Interesting. Well we know movie themed slots generally dont pay as well as the mfg needs to get the license to use those images/video clips. But yeah, thats a lot of crappy bonuses!

    2. @Alberts Slot Channel – Slot Machine Videos I forget exactly what slot it was, but it was based on a movie. I didnt see it for a few years, then ran into an updated version of it a couple of years ago, where I did have a few nice bonus wins.

    3. Thanks for watching, but wow, what a horrible game you played LOL. Do you recall the name? I think that deserves a spot in my future Top 10! Better luck next time!

  52. I conquer sir spot on especially the price is right slots

    1. For some reason I played it today and gave my donation of 80$ must have been the light show 😡

    2. Ahh the Price is Right! Ive had some decent runs on the newer Price is Right video slot. Def better than Jeopardy 😆

  53. I agree with your list whole heartedly but really feel like it could be top 20 worst machines some of these new games are really poorly designed like you said and there’s way too many that just won’t bonus at all. I hate that river dragons one and the all aboard choo choo ones . I’ve won on both but the payout is horrible compared to my bet so i stay away from them. Hitting Bellagio next week hope I can win big and fast ha

    1. @Alberts Slot Channel – Slot Machine Videos wow! That is lucky 🍀 I think when they first come out they can be looser maybe sans thing happened to me on DDE when it first came out I got a handpay on 5.88 fir $1700 but I can’t do that now . I’m hoping to have something good to post to my channel from Vegas . Thanks Albert

    2. Hey Rain! Good luck in Vegas! I miss the Bellagio! Its been over a year since Ive been to Vegas. Def. avoid some or all of these games in my Top 10 🙂 I As for River Dragon, I too have no luck on that one but w All Aboard, I hit a handpay on my first session on $2.50 dimes 😂. Right seat, right time! Let me know how Vegas goes 🥳

  54. These are some great examples of the newer machines draining your money so fast your head will spin faster than the reels. If you want to win – consistently – you must take my advice. The game to play, despite everything youve heard, is Keno on the Game King machines – not available in all Vegas casinos, but they do have them in the Luxor and Excalibur casinos. And Im not talking about those gimmicky Cleopatra or Caveman Keno games.

    Simply play 4 or 5 numbers at $1 to $2 per spin. But dont do what dreamers out there do, playing 8, 9, 10 numbers looking for that huge payout. Follow my lead. I am known as the Keno King. Stick to my rules and you will win consistently, be able to play for a lot longer than these popular Wheel of Fortune or Jeopardy machines, and will give yourself a chance for payouts of $ 800 and up. Trust me – a much better option than these other games in which you can lose $200-$300 in 15 minutes time!

    1. Thanks Vegas A-List! Good idea! Ill def try some Keno in Vegas next month. It will be new for me, but Ill know to avoid Cleopatra or Caveman Keno which Ive seen!

  55. I avoid these Asian themed slot machines. They all seem to have a very high variance.

    1. Few will get super lucky on them!

  56. You get the bonus on $1.20 bet and make $34.00 is good, so why you say that it’s not a good bonus

    1. Hi Moe. In my book, a 100x bonus is considered a good bonus so $1.20 should result in $120 for it to be a good bonus. Also if you lost $200 or so before winning the $34 bonus, it is a let down. This game is very tough to trigger the bonus also. Hope this made sense!

  57. I agree with your list! What is the deal with Jeopardy!?! 😂😂😂 However, Mystery Link WOF has been better to me than you! If I could add a game to your list, it would be Ocean Magic Ultra!

    1. I’m no pro, but the Mystery Link Wheel game is the only one I’ve ever actually ‘won’ on. I’m still convinced I’m going to win a big one on there someday soon… 🤞😁 Worst one for me is the Lil Devil one…I (sarcastically) call it giving my tithes to the church. 😈🙏😆

    2. Hahahah! Hey Josh! Glad to know Im not the only one that feels the same towards most of these games (and yes, anything Ocean Magic has played poor for me…havent tried Ultra yet). Ill have to give Mystery Link WOF a redemption video attempt one of these days 😉. Thanks for stoppin by!

  58. Stay away from the Chinese themed games and the ones with that jepordary type wheel, both are targeted towards senior citizens.

    1. Hah! No love for the seniors!

  59. I have a family member who worked for over a decade at IGT in Sydney. Ironically he avoided playing them like the plague & would only play Aristocrat. In the end they are all a wealth hazard

    1. @Flygirl fly He would only play ( in order!) Big Red (the original first version), Wild Stallion & Wild Thing. Only the 5 line versions of these machines- and never any new versions because anything after the original version is never as good . You couldnt get him to put a cent in any IGT……. its a house machine. Return to player is low.Hard to get a feature and when you do it pays rubbish …yet he works for them hahaha. Like you i avoid IGT machines. Maybe its just all in our heads?? I do know 1 thing 100% for sure…they all get you in the end- theres no science to beating them because you cant beat them

    2. Hey! I thought I developed a crazy prejudice against IGT games. Looks like I was onto something.

    3. Now that is very interesting!! Thanks for sharing Anthony 😆

  60. The fragile client inversely scatter because seed dentsply add pace a helpless david. flippant, ahead twig

    1. Now thats deep Albert!!

    1. Not easy these days and if so, they dont pay as well as they used to!!

  61. I recommend sticking with advantage play. Just random playing is always going to take your money, sooner or later. It is much more satisfying to stay ahead of the casinos, even if it isnt as fun. Plus, MD doesnt have real slots like Vegas, they use predetermined video lottery machines.

  62. Doesnt matter what machine I play they all seem to take my money.. takes the fun out of playing..

    1. I hear ya Sharon. Bankroll seem to last longer 10 years ago on slot machines!

  63. Good list. Seems like the general current trend is larger bets, but lower payouts on line hits, essentially making the player chase the bonus for any real chance at a win.

    1. Yeah, you know it Michael! If you cant trigger the bonus or any features, it really takes a bite out of your bankroll!

  64. you have hardly any money in the machines and your bets are weak as fuck. what do you expect?

    1. Yeah! That game is def in the mix for me 😋

  65. Haha oh goodness i know the feeling all too well Albert! Hate when a game just isnt worth the time, or money! Especially learning after the fact lol

    1. Ahh…we share similar fates with some of these slot machine games! 😜

  66. The shark week games are the worst stay away from them

    1. It is tough! Ive only had 1 great win on Shark Week played in downtown Las Vegas a few years back.

  67. One of the worst casinos to play would be Ceasers

    1. Caesars could definitely be better 🙂

  68. That WOF mystery link is worse than a carnie game. I think any game that has static/fixed lower jackpots are terrible. Theres no tracking if they ever pay, unlike true progressives.

    1. Hey Flygirl! Thanks for watching! You know, my first few sessions playing WOF Mystery Link were HORRIBLE. But, I finally landed a nice bonus win playing it recently at my local casino. That video coming up today and it makes up for all those bad sessions LOL!

  69. Ive won huge bonuses in the new Spartacus. Have to disagree on that one.

    1. Yeah, out of this top 10, Spartacus has gotten the best feedback. Nevertheless, its tough to bonus on but does have potential.

  70. I disagree with mystery link its the only WOF game that ive won on consistently of all wheel games try raising your denomination to .02 or higher

    1. Thanks for the feedback. Ill give this WOF some more play and see if the .02 denom works. Would like to get some redemption on it!!

    1. @LaxBboys Ahhh. Yeah, thats tough to rank. Pretty much all slot games these days rely on the bonus to pay you out. Base game pays can be cheap or very poor. Its all about the bonus! 🙂

    2. @Alberts Slot Channel – Slot Machine Videos yes thats what i meant 😂😂

    3. Or do you mean make a list of those slot machine games that dont pay well in the base game, but only in bonus? If that is the case, that speaks to many slot games.

    4. Hello LaxBboys!! Appreciate you watching my video! Can you clarify? Which game are you referring to? 😃

    1. Yeah! Some of the oldies can still pay big! I especially enjoy some old Bier Haus 😎

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