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  1. can you explain what exactly is wrong with that coating on the strings? does it just make it feel weird?

  2. I picked up an Epiphone SG Special – mint condition 2nd hand – for £80.00. Its a beautiful guitar that sounds great thru an amp. Versatile, easy to play and an absolute steal. Love Epiphone guitars. It stands up pretty well alongside my other baby – an American Standard Fender Telecaster – which cost considerably more at nearly £14.000. Youd never guess the huge price difference when listening to each guitar respectively. No need to fork out large sums for good guitars that play well these days – just look around cos theres plenty out there. Thanx for the demo !! Rx

    1. £14 grand you mad? 😂😂 £80 sounds like a steal mate great little guitars

  3. I have one and I love it. Only real complaint is that the tuners are crap.

    1. Tuners arent that hard to replace. Other than that though it seems solid.

  4. I like the look of SGs, I am not sure why but I do. This one sounds reasonable for the price, if you are looking for a SG of course. It just probably need its edges rolled and to be checked to ensure its frets are level and all that, oh and as always with any new guitar, new strings. They put that coating on those strings to prevent rust, which makes since considering a guitar may sit in that box for years before you buy it.

  5. These bare bone Sgs are cool to me. Those fancy ones with pearloid inlays weird me out, lol… I know most people associate them with AC/DC but I see The Who. Id play Who riffs on one of these until it fell apart

  6. Is this good for small hands? The finger board looks bif

    1. Its average size , not beefy as a D shape neck but if u want thinner , go for a ibanez or a jackson , the SG is pretty much in the middle , really comftorble neck though

    2. Might be worth heading to a guitar shop if you can, this is an old video so cant remember how big it was

  7. Awesome review, just decided to start playing and this will be my first guitar 🤩

    1. Thank you, what an awesome first guitar enjoy 💯🎸🤘👌

  8. I just got this guitar from a friend. I’ve played the acoustic since I was thirteen, so this is my first dive into electric. Great review!

  9. is there neck dive?

    also can you do a comparison with the les paul ve?

  10. Great video. Im a beginner trying to decide between an Epi SG Special and an Ibanez (maybe RG421). Any thoughts on a comparison of the quality between them? Im looking for a durable, mostly trouble-free guitar to play for a few years. I like bolt-on necks and fixed bridges. Nothing fancy but also nothing thats high maintenance. Thanks.

    1. The Ibanez looks pretty cool Id be interested in giving that one a whirl. I guess its down to personal preference so up to you dude, both will be fine

  11. for you which is better this sg special ve or the lespaul special ve?

    1. Its same probaly, but i prefer sg evwn thought lespaul moee cheaper 10-15 dollar but i like the way sg look and easy to acces higher frets

    1. @Apocalypse Beatzz yes would help a lot with this guitar, change the nut too 👌

    2. The Guitar Manifesto i think I might change to locking tuners.

    3. @Apocalypse Beatzz no worries, be a great little guitar for modding too 👌🎸

  12. You can get a used Vintage VS6 on ebay for £170 I would go for that.

    1. @Guitar Manifesto They have some pretty cool guitars, and some awesome builds on their youtube channel.

    2. @Guitar Manifesto was thinking of the humbuckers that crimson custom guitars do, £160 for the set, I quite like their sound.

    3. Yeah that sounds like a good plan, have you got any pickups in mind?

    1. Yeah a simple replacement of the strap button fixes that if it was an issue

    2. @Guitar Manifesto Thats good to know. I love the look of SGs, but I continually hear that most of them have terrible neck-dive.

  13. As always, very useful information.

    Friend, can you say me which Gibson case is usefull for this guitar? (and can you say me if I can buy it in Amazon or gibson.com)

    Im from Colombia


  14. I have that same tshirt. Also planning to buy that same guitar. Lol

    1. @Guitar Manifesto hey man do you know if a maestro vibrola would fit this guitar?

  15. It sounds just like the LP Special VE, too bright for my taste. But it looks great!

    1. @Guitar Manifesto I use both humbuckers and single coil. I just dont like the sound of these pups. But then Im not hearing them in the same room either.

    2. Like your comment in the other video, single coils for you

    1. @Guitar Manifesto yeah thats true. I do love it.

    2. Best thing to do is not to compare take it for what it is a great album

    3. @Guitar Manifesto agreed. I actually really liked it. For some reason some of my mates didnt like it. I liked it though. Still think nothing could beat dookie though

    4. @Guitar Manifesto oh that makes sense. What do you think of the album?

  16. I really dig mine. Might upgrade the pups but easily the most pick up and play guitar I own! Still a little Angus in it 😉

  17. Which is the song from 9:20? I couldnt recall its name:(

    1. it kinda reminded me of otherside by red hot chili peppers 😂😅

  18. Its not a rosewood fingerboard dude, at that price range its impossible, look at the specs

    1. This video was made in 2018 just before the cities rosewood ban, when they
      came with ROSEWOOD fingerboards. When the cities ban came into effect the fingerboards on these models was replaced with PAU FERRO. Thats FACTS dude straight from Epiphones own website I do my research

  19. Does it come with a patch cable (I think that’s what it’s called. If not then I’m referring to the guitar cable)

    1. The Guitar Manifesto oh ok thank you for letting me know

    2. No cables included, a patch cable is the small ones used for linking effects pedals

  20. Thinking about getting this, actually.

    1) Arm bevel (lacking on LP version, and many cheaper guitars)
    2) 22 frets: pickup is located nearer the fundamental
    3) Decent fret ends and frets (not great, but playable, I think)
    4) Lightweight (main advantage)
    5) Comes in a variety of finishes
    6) Fender type (although 24.75) narrow neck (the real SGs have fatter necks)
    7) You can check it out in a big box store
    8) Humbucker with minimal ugly pickguard (you can remove it)

    Cheaper and lighter than the Ibanez AX120 (although the AX120 comes in around 6 1/2 pounds), the fret ends on that guitar are kind of sharp.

    It is the lightest guitar out there pretty much. It may be possible to put a fender 24.5 scale neck on it. Not sure.

  21. I have the walnut version.Changed the pups for tonerider alnicos and a set a set of wilkinson tuners(so a hundred quid to upgrade it roughly) and she sounds really hot.Out of the box she was okay though,where as the cherry red one i previously bought was a wreck.Nice guitars but i would check first before you buy one.

  22. Seems very good for the price. Do you think this is a better buy then their new 2020 Epiphone SGs which I think are around £400

    1. The newer SG will have far better quality parts thats for sure

  23. Chewing gum hardness Okoume neck incoming! Clean is OK, on distortion it sounds like crap.

    1. I cant remember how big it was if Im honest I know it was a lot thinner

  24. Nice Brother i have the same exact – guitar my Dad got it for me for Christmas I have made alot of Videos on Fb with it really nice guitar I love it Brother !!!

    1. @Guitar Manifesto exactly im also a strat person to some bc i like the fullness the sg gives me

  25. It’s my birthday tomorrow and I am 100% getting this guitar as a fine addition to my collection 😁 thanks for the positive review

    1. @Führer sorry for the late response but yes, I did get it and still love it 😁🤟🏼

    2. It’s my birthday in a few days and I’m planning on getting this great guitar as well

    3. My birthday was yesterday and I got this guitar too. Happy late birthday

  26. Might I ask, what model is worth more, an SG Special or an SG Special VE?

  27. So is this good for stuff like motley crue live wire in particular?

  28. Great review !! I plan on buying one myself along with a vox stomplab 2g processor. Is that a good combination or should I go in for something else?

    1. Faul Faul, I know i’m a bit late but I have this guitar and I’m able to get some killer ac/dc tones out of it! Ofc you can buy a plexi style marshall amp, but that costs thousands and is definitely not the best option for someone on a budget. My workaround is to use a wampler plexi-drive ($150-240 depending on which model you choose) a wampler tumnus deluxe as a boost($200, but the regular $150 model will work fine) straight into the clean channel of my boss katana 50($230). It’s certainly not cheap, but I definitely think it’s worth it if you’re able to dish out the money… just play around with the knobs and you get it, just remember to not overuse the gain knob when playing ac/dc. If you can’t afford this set up but you find a cheaper plexi style pedal i’m sure you could get some useable tones out of it. Hope this helps!

    1. Ooh nice 🤘🎸 Ive had them a long time I guess they can be found on eBay?

    2. @Guitar Manifesto yeah it was really helpful cos Im getting this for Christmas, where did you get the banners from as well, nirvanas my favourite band 🤘

    3. Yeah theyre awesome, glad you liked the video 🎸🤘

  29. Picked up a 2009 Epiphone Sg Special…tore it down for complete upgrades… the body…Neck and fret job professional quality absolutely….looking forward to getting the upgrades FINISHED..

    1. I totally agree when Epiphone get it right they can keep up with any Gibson Ive ever played

    2. @Guitar Manifesto been playing 46 years …19 years fantastic music career I was surprised that a lower end Epiphone the Sg Special what professional quality craftsmanship it has I would expect this type of craftsmanship out of G400 Sg Pro or the Les Paul Standard plus top pro and up…and since the quality of craftsmanship is A+ on the Sg Special Im doing a complete upgrades its most certainly worth it thats for sure

    3. Ah nice QC on the frets can be hit or miss youve done well there 🎸👌

  30. even though i have absolutely zero background on music, i was inspired to try learning to play electric guitar since last year and been saving up money for it and this will be the one im gonna buy >< im excited but im also very anxious about this whole thing but this video helps w my doubts. thank you

    1. Its a great first guitar enjoy, glad the video helped you out

  31. Im thinking of getting an SG. To as to my collection i still have my first electric guitar which is a redwood rs2 .. which I dont play anymore since I upgraded to an epiphone Les Paul . vintage …

  32. Im looking to buy one of these SG VE specials or the Les Paul VE in Thailand. The SG is a little more expensive than the LP here (about 12 quid or so).
    Ive watched both your videos on these two guitars and it seems the SG quality control is a little better. But at the same time the SG sounded quite bright or
    was that down to your amp set up? Would you agree with my assumption? Thanks for a great video.

    1. Every video I generally use the same settings so what you hear is pretty much what you get, you could easily roll off the tone control if its too bright

  33. Just got this guitar for Christmas and it’s on its way thru the mail. Think this one will be a nice one to add to the collection. Great video 🤙🏼🤙🏼

    1. @teezur nice man that’s what’s up, I got mine td but I definitely gotta put some new strings on

  34. Just got this for Christmas! The best gift a 16 year old acdc fan could ask for!

    1. i just saw you on a different video with the same comment haha glad youre so happy about it. im definitely getting this now.

    2. Dude I legit saw u in a dawsons music video where he was making a review on this specific guitar 😂

  35. Have you ever watched a guitar review and though, well that sounds like my next guitar? Well when I first saw this review that is what went through my head, I love the SG body shape, and the satin finish on the neck. I am a fan of that neck shape as well, the only down side for me is this guitar doesnt have a coil split and all that stuff. I wont need such things for a while anyhow.

    1. 😀im waiting here,i found a 2nd hsnd one like new for 85 euro…

    2. At that price its well worth getting and modding if needed 🤘👌

  36. hey man good video!! I want to ask something about guitar, i am not exactly a beginner i have been playing for one and four months so do you think it would be good for me or would yoi recommend me to save my money and buy a g310

  37. I have this epiphone special sg and an epiphone sg g400 pro limited edition 1966. Are they good for concerts, studio record and rehearsals?

  38. I have been looking at these on Amazon. Great price, All the stories about wobbly necks makes me very cautious though.

    1. no worries ive owned one scince christmas nothing bad has happened

    2. I never had a problem with a wobbly neck, good guitar for the money. Truth be told Id personally go for the g400 much better all round guitar. Used prices can be found very cheap

  39. Hi mate. Can I play metal in it or only rock? And can you tell me a good begginers amplifier in a budget to play metal and rock ?

    1. Ive got a boss katana mk2 100 and its brilliant for the money.. been playing metal for yrs and the thing pumps..

    2. @Guitar Manifesto Thanks bro. I will get this guitar as my first guitar ever and start learning and practicing. Hope I will be able to play some day.

    3. Great for any kind of music, maybe the boss katana 50?

  40. I have this guitar it is good but it very unbalanced. What I mean is the fret and neck is very heavy when compared to the body, so it wants to lean over.

    1. There are plenty of videos showing how to change placement of the strap button, this helps balance SGs

    2. @Guitar Manifesto Oh right still good guitar though. Why did they make them so unbalanced?

  41. Looking forward to this as my humbucking guitar. Is it a good choice?

  42. Im always replaying this video everyday because I am getting this guitar on christmas and watching this just makes me excited for the guitar!

    1. @Guitar Manifesto Nevermind, I didnt get this guitar, instead I got an Epiphone Les Paul Studio LT, its a really good guitar for a beginner.

    2. Haha im saving up for it and currently very close! It will come sooner than you think!

    1. No worries at all the katana is a great amp regardless, awesome clean tones

    2. Ohh I see, thanks for answering even if this is a old video🙂

  43. Saw one of these today at my local GuitarGuitar. Didnt demo it but I did >>Ahem< < fondle the fretboard on the SG Special VE and the strings felt right - low action, no resistance, etc. At £149 I was tempted as it reminded me of the Epi SG a late friend of mine had (Orangey/red colour) and the thought, irrational as it seems, of getting a (good) brand new guitar with a guarantee and all the gubbins you showed us here really made me want to buy it there and then! Excellent video!! Update: finally found a clean early 00s red Epiphone SG just like my mates for a mere £99.00 online from >>reputable UK dealer<< My local guitar shop has sold out of these models in Sept. 2019. I wonder how 🙂

    1. Its definitely a great guitar for the money enjoy, glad you liked the video 😎🎸

  44. Should I get this Guitar or Jackson King V? Please respond

    1. I would say get the Jackson if you play Metal, but if you wanna play Stoner or Classic Rock go for this SG 😀

  45. How are the tuners on the guitar? I have an epiphone Sg g400 it has Grover tuners which I really like. I also have an epiphone les Paul junior and the tuners was terrible so I swapped it out for locking tuners

    1. I have one and the tuners suck. Swapping them out for a nice locking set soon.

    2. Id definitely recommend swapping them out thats for sure

  46. I want to get an sg I have a standard rockjam guitar and ibenez gio I think Ill get one for my birthday

  47. Nice guitar i read lot of ppl complain about the tuning issue, and what i need to do with this guitar to stay in tune, im planing buy this guitar with boss katana 50 also ds1 and 1 tuner from nux

  48. Does anyone kNow if a maestro vibrola will fit this guitar??

    1. Im totally interested too, could make for an interesting video

    2. @Guitar Manifesto for real tho. I would really like to know.

  49. Im thinking of buying this guitar, but im only concerned about one thing…it has a poplar body! If I buy it, im going to mod it, so is it worth the investment?

  50. I had to quit playing acoustic guitar about 4 years ago because a teacher recommend that I shouldnt leave the lessons. But ever since then I have discovered this little thing I like to call hard rock and I have decided to start playing again.

    Would you say this is a good sg to get as a first electric guitar and relearn how to play?

    1. @Guitar Manifesto thanks for the reply and Im praying I get mine tomorrow

    2. screw the lessons 🙂 yeah an SG is a great guitar to start with

    3. Try epi les paul ve and peavey raptor plus… i love this sg too… i have a epi lp ve as my 1st electric…

  51. Mine was good to begin with. Had to tighten a few things and it had a few haywire transient tones from the pickups, did a swap… wallah! This is now one of my favorite guitars… the thing shreds.

    1. Yeah bro just a few tweaks and they are awesome 🎸👌

  52. I just ordered mine … a heritage sunburst… im excited … its my first electric guitar…

  53. Ive been playing for about 10-11 years and got this last summer, and it quickly became one of my favorite guitars.

    The guitar is REALLY light, and for how light it is it has a surprisingly good tone to it. I play mostly rhythm and play a lot of punk/metal/garagerock, and I just love the tones I can get with this thing. Surprisingly good for under $200.

    A couple of my cons however would be:
    -Frets come over the neck quite a bit, to the point if Im sliding my hand around fast enough itll shred up the top layer of my index finger
    -Some issues changing between the pickups, sometimes on switching no sound will come through, and youll have to flip it back and back again to get it to work

    If youre a beginner, Id highly recommend this guitar. It wont be breaking you our your parents banks, and it wont disappoint.

    1. My Les Paul Special VE had similar issues with the switch back when it was new.After a while the bridge position stopped working altogether.I just changed mine with some chinese Musiclily switch around a year back and its been working well ever since.

  54. Do you remember the tone knob having much of any effect? I can seem to discern any difference between 0 or 10

    1. turn it lower and you get a darker, bassier tone, turn it up to ten and you get classic high gain SG stylings.

    2. Yeah Im sure it did, maybe youre is faulty lose connection or something

    1. The Guitar Manifesto that’s good because I just ordered one😅

  55. Just got it after a lot of saving after part time job and i have to admit,Its one of the greatest decision I have ever made.

    Also can you suggest me a good budget amplifier for this guitar🎸 please!!

    1. Fun studio production If you look on guitarcenter.com you can find a Yamaha thr 5 for under 150

    2. @Ben Uselmann yea but i am a student and can only spend around $150.

    3. Fun studio production The Yamaha thr 5 is only 200 brand new

    4. @Ben Uselmann tnx but that is way out of my budget. Could you recommend me something a but cheaper.

  56. Hi is this good for metal? Or shall I get the ibanez gio (grg131dx)

    1. you can play metal on almost any guitar, youll just need some good metal distortion

  57. Is this one worth buying over the squier billet telecaster?

  58. I just had this delivered today. Got it in black and while I love the way it looks the pickup selector switch is (I assume) broken. Its got a nasty crunch sound and wont stay in either position so unfortunately needs to go back. Im gutted. Ive just started to learn guitar so hopefully im able to get a replacement from dawsons asap so I can get stuck in. You said the strings have a coating… what effect does this have on them and what strings do you suggest to change them to?

    1. Ah dude thats a shame probably a bad wire connection, get some 10 gauge daddario or super slinky strings

  59. I have this exact guitar in ebony. But my “three” way switch only switches from rhythm to middle position 🤨 It doesn’t go down to treble position. Would I have to buy a new toggle switch?

    1. Yeah sounds like it needs replacing, get a good quality replacement

  60. Excellent video, love the colour. How bad are the tuners. All my life i have been dealing with cheap guitars that never stay in tune and are un reliable. Are these the same. Thank you

    1. Sorry for all these comments its just I like to be very sure when considering buying something. Do you know where I can find one in this exact colour option. Sorry again

    2. @Guitar Manifesto thank you. So I wont need to consider replacing the tuners too much

    3. Perfect as with any guitars fully stretch your strings 💯👌

  61. Just ordered mine for $129!! Looking forward to jamming out on this bad boy, I hear so many good things about it. Nice review.

  62. moral of the story: any guitar can sound good depending on what amp you use

    1. And I was using garage band which I do for every review over the last 3 years

  63. Got mine yesterday.. strings bit sticky,the fret bars are a bit rough when bending a string..
    You still have the stickers left on them humbuckers.

  64. I have an epi dot 335 but the.truss rod is damaged so I need a guitar to tie me over until I can buy a dc pro will this do the job for intermediate playing

    1. @Guitar Manifesto cool I can replace strings easy would you say the pick ups would be a bit hotter than my dot .as long as its decent guitar Ill go for it I think

    2. Shane about your dot ☹️ this would be a great guitar to keep you playing in the meantime 🎸👌

  65. Nice looking guitar and the price is on point!! Just curious, can i put pair of p90 pups on this guitar?

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