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  1. Hey EJ! Thank you for another update video. I think that I will start changing the oil on my 2018 Beetle Dune 2.0T because I don’t like that the dealership changes the oil every 15,000 km or 10,000 miles. I feel better if it’s changed every 6000 or 8000 miles because I want my engine to last. And after i change the oil, I will still bring the car for every 10,000 mile service so they can check other things like brakes, coolant… Thank you for teaching me and I think I’m ready to change my oil!!!

    1. My pleasure Jeffrey. You will know what kind of oil and filter you put on your VW Beetle when you do it yourself. It is very easy when you have the right tools, I list everything on the descriptions😀

    1. @EJS GARAGE Have you worked on jettas? Are they bad cars?

    2. @micjakes1 Bugs are a lot cheaper to maintain than Porsche

    3. @EJS GARAGE Thanks, I want to buy a 2018 beetle but I read that German cars like the Porsche often get overfilled because the turbos are not emptied. I guess Porsches are not like bugs.

  2. Hi! Great video! What happened at 12:20 after you had to come back? I cant find what you did to make the new filter fit. It looks like there was something in there that you had to remove? Thanks!

    1. Exactly the same thing that happened to me…I had the same reaction you did as well…wait what? Hold on a minute…did we get the wrong filter…oh wait…

    2. Amazon will tell you if will fit or not when you specify the engine.

    3. @EJS GARAGE Thanks for the quick reply! Is the oil filter in the 2.5L the same type and in the same position?

    4. Thank you very much. The filter bolt got stuck on the engine and I made a video on how to remove it. Avoid FRAM filter.

  3. great presentation i love the fact i can learn from a good friend thankyou Enjik –

    1. Thank you very much David. The lady of the house gave the final warning to change the oil of her VW Beetle 😂😅😂😅

  4. 😍😍😝😝the complimentry drink is great! nice combi between juice/soda/coffe….keeps you awake😉nicely filmed too! Is that your car too? How many cars do yo u have??

    1. It is a VW Tiguan 4Motion all-wheel-drive SUV for the winter. It is my snow tank lol. 😍😀😍😀😍

    2. which is the third one? I dont think I know it…do I? 😊

    3. Thank you very much Lynn. Every time I went to the dealership for an oil change in the past, I had to wait for a long time while enjoying their complimentary drinks haha. Yes, the VW Beetle is one of my fun cars. I have 3 cars now hehe. 😀❤😀😀😍😀

    1. Tom, Stanley Tool kit is the closest one to what I have,

  5. Yes, waiting for an oil change is long but they do more than changing the oil. They do point inspections. Checking the brakes, tire pressure, suspension, etc. They rotate your tires and change your engine and cabin air filters. Sometimes they even will do a state inspection and put new stickers on your car.

    1. It is next to the windshield washer fluid reservoir. It is attached to it.

  6. Jeffrie that was fast 15 minutes, in my 8 years of owning several new Volkswagens, I never did a DIY Oil Change due to the low prices my VW dealer charges . On my new 2018 beetle 2.0TS (TSI EA888 3rd gen with plastic oil pan and cartridge type filter). It’s $60 prepaid with tire rotation . If I did it myself using 7 quarts Castro’s Edge it will cost me $60, plus no tire rotation yet. No wonder Volkswagen can charge low price.
    Interesting to see your Beetle 2.0T with the Spin on filters on the TSI Gen 2 engine. Nice car, pretty much a Beetle GTI

    1. That is very nice that they have the pre-paid option 👍😀👍😀

    2. They use Castrol Edge Synthetic bulk quantity , Oil change is $90, and $60 if prepaid with new vehicle purchase at VW Murrieta in Southern California

    3. Thank you for letting me know the change in the 2018 VW Beetle. $60 oil change & tire rotation is not bad. I hope that they are using the synthetic oil. You can always ask them about it 😀

  7. Couple of things you missed. Not all Beetles have their filter on top and most cars have it at the bottom of the engine which makes it harder to reach and replace. You got lucky your filter is on top.
    second you should always remove the oil fill cap on top of the engine when you are draining the oil otherwise you are leaving old oil in the engine and mixing it with the new one.
    Also some filters come with an O-ring which you have to seat correctly so you dont have a leak when you install the filter, and as you found out you should always wet the casket of the new filter before you install.
    never use a tool to tighten the filter, always by hand and when it stops add a quarter turn by hand to make it tight. Its best to torque the screw at the bottom to mfg spec to ensure proper installation.

  8. Carefull! This is a 2.0l four banger. For the 2.5l five cylinder you need to remove the under plate then drain and it takes 6.5 quarts/ liters of oil!!!!

  9. Good job, next time remove the top lid from the engine to accelerate the draining process. Also you should get a new washer every time you change oil bro.

  10. berkunjung malam bang Jeffrie mungkin disana siang x ya😊😊..wah hebat bisa otak atik mobil sendiri..
    mobilnya juga kerennn bang👍👍

    1. Selamat malam Andy. Masih begadang jam 3 pagi hehe. Iya masih siang di America. Saya suka ngutak-ngutik mobil hehe. Terima kasih banyak ya 😀👍😀👍😀

  11. Pretty good video…hurried a bit much to prove your point. Would’ve saved some time if you’d had all materials/tools ready. Your Beetle looks great…what year is it? Almost always, the VW dealer has mine done in less than an hour, using their Service Xpress, but good for you, DYI is cheaper. Thanks for a nice presentation.

    1. Thank you for the kind words. I have another video in a lot slower pace. It is 2013

  12. Lets move all the juice… proceeds to pickup all juices including Starbucks coffee juice!!!

    1. The FRAM oil filter bolt got stuck. I will never use FRAM oil filter again. It was wierd because it never happened with the MANN filter.

  13. You can purchase the oil, filter and tool by clicking the affiliate links below:

    1. Liqui Moly 2041 Premium 5W-40 Synthetic Motor Oil – 5 Liter Jug

    2. SMART-O R3 Oil Drain Plug M14x1.5mm – Engine Oil Pan Protection Plug with Anti-Leak & Anti-Vibration Function

    3. Liqui-Moly Cera Tec Motor Oil Additive (300 ML) – 2 Pack

    4. Liqui Moly Jectron Gasoline Fuel Injection Cleaner-pk

    5. 2011 to 2016 Mann-Filter W 719/45 Spin-on Oil Filter

    2017 to 2020 Volkswagen Beetle or Audi Oil Filter 06L-115-562-B

    6. TEKTON 5866 12-Inch Oil Filter Pliers

    7. Race Ramps RR-XT-2 67-Inch XT 2-Piece Race Ramp

    8. Craftsman 320-Piece Mechanics Tool Set

  14. You are always talking about your VW beetle. It seems like you really love your car, I like my bug too! Its ashame that this car is going away after 2018.

    1. Hi B.B. yes we love our VW Beetle. We are keeping this one since VW will discontinue making it. Thank you for watching today 😀😁😀

  15. what is the common problem of vw beetle?mines is 2014

  16. Salam kenal dari Ohio, punyaku vw beetle 2014 mau belajar ganti oil sendiri, wish me luck.

  17. Wow thank you. I had my oil changed at Wal-Mart. What a big mistake. They charged me 60 dollars and didnt even change the filter. They also didnt reset the oil change light.

    1. @EJS GARAGE omg. Thank you. It worked

    2. Try this one: With the ignition switched OFF, press and hold the 0.0/ SET button (located on the right side of the instrument cluster)While holding down, turn the ignition to the ON positionRelease the button and briefly press the button for setting the CLOCK (located on the left side of the instrument cluster) onceAfter a brief period, the display will switch back to the normal display indicating the service interval is reset

    3. I cant get it to reset. Can you do it slower.
      Hazard lights push in set button push on the brake start car. Push in clock button?

  18. I have a 2014 r line 2.0t beetle convertible and tried to change my oil but the undercarriage didnt look anything like this. is my oil change different than this video?

    1. Does it look like a cover? If it is, you probably need to remove it first

  19. t. kobylarz
    I have a question. I would like to install an Oil Pressure Sender / Switch onto my 1969 Beetle. Im unable to determine where it is to be installed. Can you help me?

  20. what year is your beetle? I like your tool kit from auto zone what model is it? it is not in your list of tools the craftsman tool kit was in your lit

    1. It is the 2013 Beetle 2.0T 😀. It is this one Craftsman 230-Piece Mechanics Tool Set, 50230, Silver, 1 Set

  21. In this video, I will show you how to do the DIY oil change on VW Beetle. You can buy what you need for the oil change by clicking the affiliate links below:

    1. Castrol 03057 GTX MAGNATEC 5W-30 Full Synthetic Motor Oil

    2. Mobil 1 120760 Synthetic Motor Oil 0W-40, 5 Quart

    3. TEKTON 5866 12-Inch Oil Filter Pliers Oil Filter Removal Tool

    4. Mann-Filter W 719/45 Spin-on Oil Filter

    5. You need tools and the Stanley tool kit has everything that you need.

  22. Good for you, man! Someone who clearly makes a comfortable enough living whos not afraid to jump in and get their hands dirty👏👏👏 Love the jag by the way!

  23. fullview juga.. soalna ndak ngerti hahahahha

    1. Hehe terima kasih banyak my dear buat full view. Kamu lagi kerja? Di America jam 12 malam hehe

  24. I have a question. I would like to install an Oil Pressure Sender / Switch ontyo my 1969 Beetle. Im unable to determine where it is to be installed. Can you help me?

  25. how much is that thing where you park ur front wheels on to make your front of car level higher?

  26. Way to tight on that filter man. Good luck to the next guy getting it off. (you) LOL. Great video though.

    1. lol yes it is safe and secure now. Thank you. I removed it on this video

  27. I had the exact same beetle. 2012 Turbo black! I now have 2018 Beetle Dune Convertible black.

    1. My pleasure Jeff. It is nice to meet another VW Bettle owner on YouTube 😀

    2. EJS GARAGE And thank you very much for the amazing informative video. Very helpful!

    3. Thats awesome Jeffrey. The Dune looks super nice 😊 👍

    1. Hi Isxmack. Yes it is my Jaguar XJR 😀😁😀 Thank you very much

  28. Thank you for your time explaining the oil change on vx Beetle. Very helpful

    1. @EJS GARAGE I was in the Navy for 21 years so I notice things like that. Yeah, Im crazy, lol

  29. Should have been a comedian…. thanks Bro great job!!!

    1. 2013. The 2018 uses a different oil filter but the same oil.

  30. when you are putting on the new spin-on oil filter it is hand tight only do not use the pliers

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