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106 thoughts on “Makineleri jolly Kazanmak için kumarhane hatası sump kayıtsız oynamak için”

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  2. 8:00 Had to have been a troll to split at 20 🤣🤣 Miss these videos

  3. You’re gonna give ME a heart attack man!!! What’s wrong with you!

  4. What online casino is this? Looks a little staged . . .

  5. The greatest thing about it its not his money it stupid people funding is gambling and the views and subs he cant lose hes living the dream

  6. How do you expect to win if you have Edward on your wall

  7. Kept saying a bunch of blasphemous stuff…

    Lost to 666.

    Seems fitting. Karma.

  8. Only 8 grand. Clearly this was before the economic wrecking ball of Covid.


  10. dear players pay attention !!!! The Royal Panda casino of the Leo Vegas group, canceled my account and did not return my MONEY, be careful not to play in these casinos, if you start to earn a lot they cancel your account claiming that you do money laundering and thus you lose all your money, therefore do not play in this casino I have all kept the evidence that I was robbed by the casino my name Taiwan Fernando Gerhardt email [email protected] phone +55 45 9 9953 7256 Brazil

  11. 19 if he hit the hard 16 against dealers 6 wouldve beat 18 w a 19

  12. Man those big ass cards with his big ass grin is a big ass no no

  13. Try control your emotions and dirty language if you wanna win

  14. hope he quit by now, all those online games r fake btw, shuld know better when u alwyas lose big

  15. The dealer smirking every time he puts up another 5 grand was funny

  16. 2:50 she knows shes gonna win b4 it happens she doesnt even look at her own cards and knows exactly how much she has

  17. Lost 5K because a stranger dared you……..

  18. He sounds like Adam Sandler for a second when he got mad. Lol 5:08

  19. 10:41 half of these players don’t know how to play blackjack. How do you split and winning hand and stay on soft 16 😂

  20. มันหยุดที่ 16 ถ้ามันจั่วเพิ่มก็เป็น 19 เจ้ามือแค่18แต้ม ถ้ามึงจั่วเพิ่มก็ชนะแล้ว

  21. Whatever website this is , it is a scam. The dealer has to deal himself two cards, one up and the other down. He only deals himself one card. Straight up cheating lol

  22. I dont wanna go to casino with this guy, and Ive never been to casino.

  23. Casino coin (CSC) will be the a global regulated gambling digital coin. IT was confirmed to run on the XRP ledger! CASINO COIN!

  24. The best thing if you have some good amount of money that you win at online gamblibg tell yourself to stop before you play again and all your money dissapear hahaha

  25. This player makes Phil Hellmuth look calmer when losing.

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  27. They have bot accounts and the dealer only deals themselves one card. This website is a scam

    1. Hes not bad, but you have to remember the house always has the advantage. They split decks in online casinos, so card counting doesnt work. They always play to counter the highest bet, so if the highest bet is a doubled 12 theyll stand at 13 even if everyone else was higher.

  28. Im pretty sure 6 year olds arent supposed to be playing blackjack!

  29. Holy fuck! The dealer @ 2:56 made an unfavorable card (for the player) come out on purpose. The bitchs fingers purposely did not play the next card from the shoe. This was common for Euro online casinos screwing players. Sodapoppin, send this video to this casino and tell them fucktards they purposely cheated you and you have it on video. BT This video is funny A/F!

    1. Nope, it was the next card in the shoe. If it wasnt, you would see the card shine not move with the card. It would stay in the shoe and the other card wouldve had a separate shine. Reality is, dont gamble if you dont plan to lose everything you brought in.

  30. Have u noticed that dealers get uncomfortable when a play win after placing a big bet, but they smile when that big bet loses

  31. who fuck cares he makes more then that in 1hr of streaming…

  32. That’s the worst part of online casinos. Get some bot splitting tens causing table to get fucked

  33. I laugh so hard when he loses $10,000 This dude has like $20 million so this is like $10 Yet he goes nuts. cheapscate!!

  34. but what is this shit casino. would never play at a so scuffed casino

  35. When i saw this years ago i associated sodapoppins success with gambling, creating an illusion in my head. Feel like I should say these online sites are rigged against you, as is gambling in general. Probably why he doesnt stream blackjack anymore. Gambling is really bad no matter what

  36. dude. youre screaming the first hand when you get 20?? whats wrong with you. you need meds dude

  37. Notice how the deck doesnt move when a card is taken away….

  38. @ 1:15. How come the dealer only had one card which is the 7 and the other two players has 2 cards each. That 5 supposed to be the dealers bottom card and the 10 is for the guy who had doubled the bet.. the first seat stand at 15, which is bad for blackjack because it can fk up the card that will come to you or next deal.

    1. @Justice Boss oh thanks. Well I say, this type of blackjack sucks. Lol

    2. Thats why you dont gamble online specially with high money youd get fucked by amateur players who will fck u over for fun. Different rules there are casinos where dealer will have same amount of cards as players before hitting other players and there are this type where dealer starts with 1 card only

  39. U cant be that loud in the casino love the rush hes having.

  40. Your reactions are so bad and annoying could not watch more than 5 minutes

  41. Stop gambling for your own good, if you want to gamble why not just think of betting in the casino instead? You can touch the cards too

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