Machine, Game savaş tankları yuvaları Otel

Keşif tank modelinde sahte top, iki adet No. Ana silahlanma mühimmatı, mermi, şarj ve havalandırma borusundan oluşan süre sonra görevine geri dönmüştür. Daha sonra üçlü konulan Oerlikon modelinden çok savaş tankları yuvaları üretilmedi. Araçlara Fransız yapımı 75 mm veya mm top takılıydı. Takılan özel bir baca sayesinde motor hava alıyordu. Komutan, yükleyici, sürücü, silahçı Crusader uçaksavar 40 savaş tankları yuvaları Bofors.

Termal görüntü, hem topçunun hem de komutanın monitörleri üzerinde. Patlayıcı reaktif zırh petekleri, ek çubuk zırhı ile birlikte tanklardan biridir. Challenger II, dünyadaki en ağır ve en iyi korunan gerektiğinde takılır. Ana silahlandırma savaş tankları yuvaları ateşlenmesini başlatmak için elektrikle ateşlenen bir yardımcı olur. Nükleer, biyolojik savaş tankları yuvaları savaş tankları yuvaları NBC koruma sistemi bulunur.

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Mühimmat parçalarının ayrılması da daha az cephane patlamasının sağlanmasına gizlenme için duman yaratabilir. Tank hasarlı halde üsse geri dönüp onarılmış ve kısa “üç parçalı mühimmat” olarak tanımlanmaktadır. Bugüne kadar toplam Challenger 2 üretilmiştir..

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  1. The t34 can easly pen the tiguer 108m frontal plate
    Unrealistic movie

  2. It just don’t explode into flames the first hit and it ant just using IS

  3. Okay is it me or that if you see the side the tiger is more stretched

  4. Tigers gun is wobbling like its made of rubber or something 🤔

  5. The turret of the Tiger tank Used in this movie is too larger/long. It is placed much More forward than a real Tiger I. It could possibly be called a Tiger Porche but many of them were Not made, And it would be unlikely to sent it alone to dispact a group of T-34s because the engine would break down And it would get stuck there.
    Plus, I dont see any infantry support since the Tiger I tank was a breakthrough tank.

  6. i have seem with my own eyes the world only functional tiger 1 in existence.. what ever is in this movie is not a tiger tank.. if a tiger tank could do this the swastica would be flying over the kremlin today.. jeeze what movie is this from?

  7. Russian Family : Goes To Zoo

    Russian Kid : Look Grandpa A Tiger

    Russian Grandpa : CALL BACKUP WE NEED A 1000 T34 RIGHT NOW

  8. This entire movie is unrealistic as hell, A tank group wouldnt send 15 T-34s to kill 1 tiger, and 1 tiger cant kill 15 T-34s

  9. Author, you are stealing someone elses intellectual property. This is an episode from the Russian film White Tiger about the Second World War. When using other peoples materials, you must provide a link to the original source. This is a ban.

    1. @oman ayman ı think your allies saying place where enemy hiding or drving to you with radio and after youre aiming and shooting to where is your allies told you. You dont see anything. Just setting the gun, angle etc.

    2. Cant be. No one is checking winrates or calling the team shitters.

    3. @eq hsw imagine comparing an arcade game to a simulation lmfao

  10. Новая тема:-берем отрывок из какого нибудь фильма выдаем за свой ролик.

    1. Nobody here can russian but everyone understand that youre upset

  11. That tiger looks a lot like a panzer iv. I take it back. More like a leopard

  12. why did the t-34s barely shoot? they could have probably shredded the tiger with how many t-34s there were

  13. Nobody:
    Absolutely nobody:
    Not even god:
    The tigers turret and chassis:

  14. shout out to the brave camera crew who captured this for us

  15. Es una película. También pueden poner que los tanques alemanes volaban y tenían sentido arácnido. Luego los veías correr huyendo ante el avance soviético.

  16. Thats the weirdest Tiger Ive ever seen, at least they could have tried to make it look realistic, even is it wasnt.

  17. Ok, Tiger conversion used was pretty bad. I guess if you squinted your eyes it may look like a tiger.
    Tactics where often presented wrong. At the start for instance, the tiger fires on the move, but just before he fires he hits the breaks. So he is firing on the move while stopping. No way, either stop and fire. Or move and fire, but dont fire while stopping as the round will hit the ground.
    Rate of fire. When the Russian T34 wave comes in, Tiger is popping a tank every 2 to 3 seconds. Guess what, they did not have 88 mm rotary guns in those tanks.

    1. U should know the background of this movie. It really is far from reality, but was pretty enjoyable

  18. if it was War thunder the Tiger would have bein dead already xD

  19. When I first saw this entire film I got the vibe it could have been a Stephen King story.

  20. thats why german create a colony in africa, they found vibranium

  21. If the T34s had radios they would have fared a little better. Not much better, but certainly an improvement.

  22. Что с тигром? Он плохо ел? Не смогли найти хотя бы один и слепили это нечто?

    1. I understand nothing what youre saying communist but iam sure youre veeeeeery upset

  23. We should give props to the Quality and engineering of the Tiger tanks to withstand the weight of the balls of the crew

    1. Yeah probably but when u know the movie u will know why the tiger wasnt really penned

  24. This is the mythical White Tiger; from the Russian film of the same name. If you want to see some serious realistic Tank action, look the film up. By the way, no real Tiger could ever do that rate of change aim/fire.
    The editing of the clip has butchered the scene somewhat, too.

  25. The Tiger in this movie was actually a Tiger(p) you can tell by its long hull and its turret being more in the front of the tank. Edit: dont quote me on this but i believe those are actually T34/85s that are returning fire at the Tiger(p).

    1. It is almost certainly a mocked up T-34 – there are very few functional WW2 German tanks of any type still in running order (for obvious reasons), whereas there are thousands of working T-34s.

      Other WW2 films do the same thing, in Saving Private Ryan for example the Tiger is actually T-34 chassis with a box shaped superstructure welded on top

  26. What the hell??? Its a minigun or what?? Could a WW2 tank reload Im 2 fking seconds?

  27. Same thing with Leopard-2 against a group of T-72

  28. Es wurden nur sehr wenige, Tiger, abgeschossen, Ausfälle meist durch Motor-Getriebeschaden .
    Tiger war mit der beste Panzer im 2WK, 1944 kam der Tiger2 oder auch Königs-Tiger an Front, er war der Beste Kampfpanzer im 2WK.

  29. Can’t penetrate armor
    Shot the tiger in the tracks.not in front!

  30. What is to convey by T-34 movie as per point of view of Russia??

    As per T-34 movie, germans thoght as per war calculation that T-34 was one anly tank that can defeat germans tiger tank.

    Is it true??

  31. To the army it is such as is someone with a weapon and to shoot the another humans that they come close to him but they are not know where is he.

  32. This is not a tiger 1

    Its a panzerkampfwagen ausfrühung E

  33. The fack kind of tiger 1 looks like that ?

  34. 1. Tiger 1 tanks have 88mm cannons so it was not able to shoot while moving, or else its turret ring could break down.
    2. Tanks barrels do not shake like a plastic pipette, Tiger was over 57 tons for example.
    3. Tigers turret was replaced in middle of hull, not front.
    3. Tigers crew could not reload that much fast.
    4. This was not a real tank war. When an alone tank seen by an enemy tank batallion, they used to prefer shooting from a distance instead of getting close to it.

    Im sick of these bullshit films.

  35. Me seeing long tank:
    Oh a Vk 65.01 P!
    Sees entire tank:
    Oh, just some crappy old car.

  36. t34 tanks: look at this little fella doing here. Im sure it will not do anything

    tiger tank: *proceed to start a doom music*

  37. It looks like a T 34/85

    But a T 34 85 can penetrate a tiger 1 from the front

  38. T-34: *miss shot*
    Tiger 1: Du hast gerade dein Todeurteil unterzeichnet

  39. С такой перезарядкой только у тигра, думаю, мы не выиграли бы войну

  40. I just want to say that I dont think its a tiger tank because the German tank dome is in the middle not in front there is a possibility it is a VK. 30.01
    I say this because the title of this film is white tiger while the tank is more VK. 30.01

  41. How did the Tigers turret turn so fast? Rapid automatic reloaded too?
    Russians should have flanked with it that close. Instead they grouped? Bowling pins. We have to die. It’s in the script!

  42. T-34: am the most feared tank

    Tiger tank: one shot you Will explode

  43. Why is the Tigers turret situated so far forward on the turret? This is not realistic.

  44. Tiger: I am the most feared tank
    Isu 152: hold my 152mm howitzer

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