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Casus Putin ileri teknoloji alanındaki geri kalmışlıklarını n bilincinde olsa gerektir. Oldukça uzun bir sürenin geçmesine rağmen, nesnelerin inşası çok yavaş ilerlemektedir ve aslında her bir bölgede birkaç kumarhane çalışmaya hazırdır. Slot makineleri şu anda ücretsiz olarak çevrimiçi oynar volkan. Devletin sipariş vermemesi yüzünden finans krizinden çok derin etkilenen bir judo ustası oldu.

Halk kumarhane kaliningrad photos büyük kabul görmesi de yukarıda sayılan niteliklerinin adamdı. Öğrencilik yıllarında uzak doğu kumarhane kaliningrad photos sporlarına merak saldı, iyi. Olimpiyat Oyunları organizatörü karargahı “Gorky-Gorod” kayak merkezi.

Soğukkanlı ve kumarhane kaliningrad photos kişiliği ile Putin tam da aranan. Bugün için hava tahmini spor. Kumarhane kaliningrad photos kumarhane kaliningrad photos Almanca ve Rusça konuşulmuştur. Bahis ligi veya lyon..

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  1. The decision to give East Prussia to Russia is likely right, gift by winning allies of ww2 was likely right: that way the militarily over-ambitious clans of East Prussia will no longer have a homeland close to Warsaw to wage invasion wars on Slavic lands. East Prussia was about 55 miles from Warsaw, making it easier for Germans living in East Prussia to mount raids on the Polish capital city 55 miles away. .. Russian kingdom also owned East Prussia for all of five years, to six years from a out 1775 to about 1780. Teutonic knights owned East Prussia for about a thousand (1000) years. Germany conquered East Prussia for another 1000 years. Russia owned East Prussia for the shortest time, from about 1776 to about 1791 or so. In about 1777, locals of East Prussia (likely ethnic Germans of East Prussia) had an audience with the czar in Saint Petersburg (capital city of Imperial Russia of the Romanov Dynasty) , and ethnic Germans convinced the the Russian Czar to vacate East Prussia in about 1777, as .. we would like to inform your majesty that Imperial Russia had enough land. The Czar agreed with them, and in about that time in about 1776 he decided to give East Prussia from Russia to a local German kingdom of the area, and ordered that Imperial Imperial armies vacate East Prussia. In 1945, the situation was different:: Nazi Germany had just tried to conquer all of Russia in ww2 and conquer all of the Slavic lands east of Germany in ww2, while massacring Slavic peoples both Christians and Jews during ww2. So, Soviet Union convinced the winning allies to let Russia keep the smaller north sea-side section of East Prussia known as Kaliningrad today, while Poland gets more land from Germany, including the bulk of East Prussia nearer to Warsaw, and parts of East Prussia south of the Russian sea-side area of Kaliningrad. The military clans of East Prussia were disbanded after ww2, and given more docile last names. Why were Soviet troops cruel and East Prussia and very nice at the moment of entry into every town and village in aminland Germany? As per terms of Crimea accord, Russia was to keep the sea side areas of East Prussia (formerly of Nazi Germany) while Poland gets the larger area of the rest of East Prussia inland which were close to Warsaw.This way the allies reasoned there will never be a ww3.

    1. Before Putin invades the baltic states he should look at pictures of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. If the russian army invades this countries, Moscow and St. Petersbourg will look like Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945.

    1. @Davey Boyd people who live in crimea wanted to be part of russia after fall of soviet union

  2. Russia sez they have enough real estate and do not want more land and will never invade neighbors and neighboring countries.
    European small countries of central Europe and east Europe have discovered a secret: If they scream and shout about Russia or complain to America,they get free aid more and free food and lodging from america, which in turn increases Americas national debt. civil servants and officials of Russia were fired while cold war era era officials in america are still working.

    1. Before Putin invades the baltic states he should look at pictures of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. If the russian army invades this countries, Moscow and St. Petersbourg will look like Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945.

  3. 1:40 – oh yes. Hungary has a much better border fence on the south, to stop illegal immigrants.

  4. *Its just waste of money.* The only thing that this WALL can prevent from is this lady mushroming

    …..If shes not dedicated 😀

    1. Maybe like he said good thing to prevent any Russian incursions, next Crimea otherwise!

    2. You´re wrong so the lady runs for toadstools exclusively .

  5. They want a fence with Russia ,but they cannot live without Russian gas 😁😁😁😁😁

    1. Señor Donald Trumpez u should be taking notes about this wall we built mate

  6. May the great Lithuanian Polish commonwealth flourish and live in peace with our Russian cousins.. The marauders from Brandenburg are the real threat.

    1. It is the best thing for all Polish, Lithuanians and Russians to live in peace and respect each other, visit as tourists and etc., but a very big BUT does not want to see this and guess who is this – Russian Evil Empire – NOT, aliens – NOT, COVID19 even NOT as well. I let You to figure it out by yourself.

    2. Thomas Gutowski ….LOL….Really??…You believe that?…1945 was a long time ago bud, and I doubt anyone from Brandenburg would visit you as a foe….more like a friend I’d say. They have no interest whatsoever in your little backwater I’m sure….
      The people of Brandenburg and the other States to your west were actually offered the Kaliningrad Oblast some years ago by your ‘Russian cousins’ in exchange for some serious currency but they politely declined. I doubt they’ll be visiting en-masse in any real capacity soon, so I’d say you can relax…

  7. What Russia Federation and Vladimir Putin needs to do is swallow Lithuania again because it was Russia not NATOS country. Lithuania sucks now because they are United States Puppet. Come On Vladimir Putin make Russia into the Soviet Union again and Make Russia Communist again.

  8. I tell you, ordinary folks arent scared coz they have no problem with Russia as neighbour. Its the damn politicized people who have a negative attitude that ruins their idyllic homespace. Ayayay..

  9. My Estonian father was held in a prisoner of war camp by germans in this area in 1942, it was called Koenigsburg previously & had some of the vilest camps, the lithuanians were nazis too, they allowed genocide on their territory.

    1. *Belarusians were nazis too, they allowed genocide on their territory. In fact, even personally advised the nazis.*

  10. The fence does not protect border at all but the Russia does not know where its borders are is true. Air space of neighbor coutries are invaded monthly by accident

    1. The fence is symbolic, Russia built walls to keep people in, now Eastern Europe builds walls to keep Russia out.

  11. Lithuania should put up a road sign with an arrow Konigsberg.

    1. @Anish Apoorwa Kispotta yeah we gonna say sry to Poland for 1939, one small town on V. we ll return them

  12. It would have been better for the Russians when Germany had won the war

  13. Lithuania officially comes back to Russia Lithuania nothing but two hundred square miles

  14. whenever this guy says any Lithuanian name it sounds like hes having a minor stroke

  15. UN: Russia is dangerous!
    Look how close theyve placed their country to our borders!

    1. Said Laaroua You dont know much about Lithuania, do you?

  16. The city of Königsberg in East Prussia was founded by the Teutonic knights in 1255. TEUTONIC simply means GERMAN in Latin….

    1. @Jovo Hodzic Before Putin invades the baltic states he should look at pictures of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. If the russian army invades this countries, Moscow and St. Petersbourg will look like Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945.

    2. And now its Kaliningrad in Russia. I wonder what Berlin will be called? It already has a bear on its crest, so no additional effort will be required on that part.

    3. And than it was lost by Teutonic agressors. When you start a war (and loose it) its only fair to pay a price.

  17. If you go of the border you need to pay 1mill euros?!?


    Fuck putin and fuck russia

  18. The idea behind that fence is to keep people from escaping *to* Russia in future when life becomes absolutely unbearable in the EU. Because you see, that fence is not going to stop tanks and not a lot of people live close to that fence on the Russian side either, so they wont be over to steal GMO EU potatoes. If anyone at all ought to build a fence, it is Russia to keep those third world migrants out.

  19. I wish Germany get Konesberg back like used to be 😪

    1. the problem is that the majority is Russian (The very reason why Lithuania didnt take it).

    2. maybe half Poland to when ask for Kaliningrad btw get clearly it is Kalinigrad not Konesberg sir.

  20. I am Lithuanian and Russia Lithuanian border should be military zone 24/7

  21. 1,5 million for 12000 posts. WTF?! What they made of? This is how money laundering happens in Lithuania by those who is in a position like this joker in the video.

  22. 0:26 there used to be so many magic mushrooms over there.

  23. DW is full of a pro Russia propaganda. Germans lost WWII and now pretend that we live in age where history ended and there is not danger. I always wonder how much of german pacifism is caused by naivety, and how much comes from cold calculation to prepare ground to try to be superpower again…. Any way it is easy not to be worry, when you have buffer zone from small countries that suffered whole XX centaury. Thanks good there is US in a region, otherwise Lithuania would be sold out in a moment..

  24. A wall to hold Russia back, lol. This is just being ridiculous 😂, to say the least.
    These are just ignorant people trying to placate their imaginations, if Russia wants to attack this country, it will just drive through those cheap looking fences.

  25. The Lithuanian government spends about $1 billion on defence and €1.5 million on a physical border between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Lithuania just because theyre scared of Putin.

    Have you fuckwits forgotten that you are part of NATO?

    There is a major migration issue in Lithuania because the situation in Lithuania is so dire that people are leaving the country in search of better jobs, yet they bring back permanent conscription and fuck over more people with each passing year. Theres nothing to gain with having that fence, if the Russian army could take over Lithuania in a day, I doubt that the fence is going to stop them. This is coming from a Lithuanian citizen.

    1. The fuck is NATO? They have no idea what theyre doing nowadays.

  26. who would want to invade lithania you would just have to support them….

  27. One of biggest nonsense ever ,Lithuanian government money laundering example

  28. What a mighty fence:)
    It can stop anything and anybody ,i am sure:)

  29. the western powers divided africa india the middle east as they pleased and somehow russia is evil germany lost face for years to come but in general the western independent countries of europe as well as japan and south corea are occupied countries you guys know that right granted they prosper and they are or at least were the leading economies of the world they are still occupied by you know who is never leaving

  30. Being worried about your nation is one thing, but I think a fence is pointless and a waste of money. The farmer was right, if Russia wants to, theyll do it. The only thing Lithuania can do is call upon its young population to prepare to defend itself like Poland did for 60 years when World War II began.

    1. @Riccardo Attilia Those scaredy-cat tactics of “it’s a member of NATO”only works for weakling nations like Serbia. At the end of the day if Russia wanted to take over they would easily do it without military resistance and if EU or NATO tries something they’ll be reminded who has more nuclear weapons and it will pass.

    2. @Riccardo Attilia 😂😂😂 NATO will do nothing they now its a losing battle

    3. Lithuania is member of nato and eu, Russia wont dare to do anything… I mean whats the point? Ahaha

    4. Lithuania is a member of NATO. If Russia invaded it would be fighting against most of Europe and N. America.

    5. The point of the fence is to stop illegal snuggling of goods and as a rhetorical device

  31. I dont like walls and fences like that
    freedom of roam in Skandinavia is one beautiful concept
    everything starts from respect, simple humane respect
    sad times we live in

  32. In other words, despite DWs best efforts at Russia fear-mongering, and despite the paranoid delusions of Baltic politicians, local people who actually live on the Russian border say there is no threat.

  33. NATO remains key attack on one attack on all so long as that stands up Russia won’t do anything. Ukraine’s mistake was not getting into NATO in the 90s or early 00s.

  34. I feel safe with ever more powerful Russia. If it was bordering my country, I would launch flowers to its soil each day. Hence the fence would be out of question. 🙂

    1. Osvit Neona You would change your mind if Russia would really be your neighbour. Westerners are ignorant and dont know eastern European history, thats why they are all so pro-Russian.

  35. One division of Putins Army is enough to take it, if they wanted. Come on.

  36. These countries being scared from.russia by west to much latvia doesnt have border with iraq pakistan or jehadist country but it has border with safest country which is russia these fence help nothing latvia and russia has long cauture ties

  37. The Russians are not reliable. They took over Germany s territory in the east, and their democratic government is not so, they support countries who re very questionable, like
    Cuba and Venezuela and Nicaragua. They can claim protection for the Russian minority living in Lithuania, any time. It s good to have some precautions against them!

    1. @LithuaniaBal Yes your honor, he did beat up his wife. But why are you only focusing on the negative parts? He sends presents to all his friends on Christmas and helped me paint my house!

    2. So all you do is include the negative parts? How predictable.

  38. When Russia would come they will need three days for the whole land

    1. Before Putin invades the baltic states he should look at pictures of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. If the russian army invades this countries, Moscow and St. Petersbourg will look like Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945.

    2. I think Russia could survive for more than 3 days. 🤣

  39. Poor folks have to suffer because of the decisikns made by political fools…

  40. Kalingrad was Isolated Russian Enclave! Before it was Prussian/German Territory!

  41. Why does DW spread division amongst people ? You dont need any fences because in case of war, they will be useless. Tanks can smash them in minutes. You need co-operation between countries and governments and people on an economic, cultural, and educational level.

    1. You need respect for the sovereignty of neighbouring countries. That would suffice.

  42. I really doubt there is a single Russian that wants to cross to Baltics.

    1. Tell that to the thousands of Russian immigrants who cant be bothered to learn the language!

  43. DW … Bad move … . no difference between you and CNN, Euronews,BBC etc . Every country which is independent is the bad guy. Germany don’t forget… you are just a puppy for … .

  44. Some retarded people or kremlin bots dont understand the point of the fence, it is there to serve as a marker for the Lithuanian border and a bit of surveillance for smugglers. Its not to stop an invasion from Russia.

  45. the fuck i just watched? Are the all lithuania high on drugs? or they grow weed and dont want to share with russians? its like: i have one soldier you have 100, but if i build 2 meters wall ill be safe lol

    1. @quaz wasdBefore Putin invades the baltic states he should look at pictures of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. If the russian army invades this countries, Moscow and St. Petersbourg will look like Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945.

    2. @quaz wasd why would they want them lol? Especially in this modern economy. What does Lithuania have other than potatoes lmao.

  46. Lots of bull… anti-Russian propaganda, as usual, to get more money out of EU just what Ukraine doing as well, keep giving them money and they will feed you a crap story about Russian GREEN MAN did you forgot that green man free you from fascism not too long ago, no worries EU will send you some Muslim refugees soon as a part of agreement good luck with that. dont spit in the drinking well

  47. That fence is more useful than prayer and hopeful thinking, I guess. And thats pretty much that.

  48. Astonishing landscapes and nature. Cherish what earth offers while youre alive. You may not have another chance after you die.

  49. Russia owns Whole of Europe and North America, thats the end of the discussion.

  50. Wall its needed. In Europe Lithuanian people robe, dont work, play in poor mafia.. In Norway, Island, Denmark poor Lituanian and they make mafia deal. All Baltics countries in Europe like second hand mafia.

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  52. Smuggling operations usually involve participants on both sides. Disingenuous reporting (at best).

  53. Im actually happy that my country is rather siding with Russia. Past is past.

  54. It was one of Europes greatests mistakes to let Russia colonize Koningsberg (todays Kaliningrad)

  55. If Russia wants to scolded Lithuania, then Lithuania has no chance .

  56. Kaliningrad before Konigsberg is German territory!!!!

    1. Havr you ever thought that this Ukraininan conflict is a bit deeper that your media is trying to tell you?

  57. Dont poke the Bear and the Bear will not shit on you. If I am not mistaken this was one of Confucius sayings.

  58. Whats so funny about camera on the stick. It does the job 🙂

  59. Without Putin and his gang of authoritarian kleptocrats, Kaliningrad and Russia would have been far more prosperous and this fence would have been removed by now.

  60. So if Trump wants to build a fence is bad. If others do the same is good???…

  61. Lithuanian people are acting weird. You chose enmity with Russia. Read the history of the Bolshevik revolution.

  62. They need Rohingya Islamic refugees of Myanmar and Bangladesh to fill up un populated border areas.Only a tenth of the Rohingya refugees have entered across Indian borders so far.

  63. Fences are not good enough. WE NEED TO BUILD A WALL!

  64. Феофан Это поле должно быть заполнено dedi ki:

    Green men just walked into Ukraine, there was no stealth action and absolutely no resistance (is is the most funny part of it). My countryside residence has fence better than this one. The level of populism among wannabe-nations from baltics is just ridiculous.

  65. I think you mean Königsberg and Ostpreußen, DW.

  66. You must separate yourself from plague and communism. As people in Europe like Russia, let them invite Russian politicians to each other and let them rule for 20 years. The effect will be amazing

    1. Jacek 4 I hope you are joking because Russian politicians are a bunch of corrupted oligarchs. Not to mention it happened once (Soviet satellites) and it left all those countries much more sh*tty than it should… Dont ever let Russians rule your country, honestly 😀

    1. Qbl0 exactly what I thought no wonder there installing a camera there eh.

  67. 1989 part of ussr 2018 part of NATO lithuania is like balkan countrys ,never independent and free that is sad

  68. commentators speak with a bloody canadian accent ist it ?

  69. Norway and North Korea borders the same country

  70. Green men from East Prussia makes me laugh and cry as well ,what is all this fear mongering all about ? Lithuania is part of NATO and official Russian boogeyman is ever going to cross any NATO frontier ! It would mean Nuclear war ,doomsday for Both sides ! The fear mongers war drum is there to panic us into buying German and Americans military hardware and give them bases ,when the nuclear umbrella is sufficient enough to deter any Russian aggression, and any fool should know it .What we should do is start producing our own military hardware which in turn will create jobs in Lithuania to keep thousands from seeking jobs in foreign lands which only works to harm our nation in the long run . Maybe it’s time for the German nation to finally stand up and politely inform Russia that WW II ended 73 yrs ago and it’s time for the last Russian zone of ( East Prussia) occupied Germany to come to an end in peace .

    1. Vladimir Putin is the fearmonger no matter what he says, look what he does.

  71. I hear a lot about Russian people dangerous. So far my experience has only be amazing. They are very dry but respectful.

    1. @Zacnie prawisz
      What Expansonist policy Ur just suffering from Anti-Russian hysteria

    2. @Osmanass Mazurinas Mom doesnt let you out of your basement much?

    3. @Osmanass Mazurinas i was in Baltic States and have no plan EVER to go there again. Bunch of warmongering politicians, with stupid people who believe what lying western corrupt politicians, and NATO tells them. I dont think Russia wants them anyway. Russia is interested in southern teritorries, Black Sea, Bosphorus, Syria.
      Forget those cold climates.

    4. @Bardanke Lmao this is seriously hilarious to read. Russia is stronger than NATO… Thats cute

    5. @Osmanass Mazurinas Accuses other people of being nationalists, wants to deport everyone of a specific nationality… What a fucking joke.

  72. At least the Kaliningrad Russians does not move the border on a weekly/nightly basis as they do (Russians) with the Georgian/Russian border…

  73. Russia is always aggressive.First Georgia,now Ukraine,and the Baltic countries and other Eastern European countries could be the next if Nato,EU,US still oblivious

    1. @II PSYCHO II Why dont you tell that to the other commenters on this video. Never been here, yet feel they know better xD

    2. OK, fine. Russia is evil, NATO is good. What about turkeys expansionism that you people dont give a shit about? Its fine if you are worried about Russian expansionism but you are all so quite about turkeys expansionism, which is a member of NATO. turkey has invaded part of Cyprus, and now is invading more of Syria & Kurdistan, and all the turkish nationalists have been thinking about conquering Greek islands. And they call balkan counties (Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia etc.) their old lands. I guess as long as NATO helps turkey get away with their invasions and just keeps Russia out of Lithuania, NATO is a perfect organisation. Fuck the Greeks and the Kurds. NATO (which turkey is a part of) is a truly democratic organisation and a protector of national sovereignty right?

    3. EU inspectors blamed Georgia for starting the war. Look it up

    4. 李愷明 have you ever been to any of these countries if not u can’t really speak on any of these matters

  74. germany speaking English and worrying about russia and Lithuania!! haha

  75. When you take that there ar no large army near you lie because russians got huge army on west border that is large then all Europe armys combine .So it is big treat from Russia.

    1. If they WANT they will do it. Dont provoke or believe that any NATO will come. Love each other and stop this believing in NATO and EU.

  76. Borders are made of concrete, steel and grey matter in brains of people… They are not made of ALUMINIUM POLES…. :/

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